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Central Hardwoods Joint Venture (CHJV) Conservation Delivery Coordinator

– Louisville, Kentucky
Employment Type Full-Time

American Bird Conservancy


Central Hardwoods Joint Venture (CHJV)

Conservation Delivery Coordinator


Position Summary:


Title:                                    Central Hardwoods Joint Venture Conservation Delivery Coordinator

Supervisor:                        Central Hardwoods Joint Venture Coordinator

Location:                            Louisville, KY and/or eastern portions of the Joint Venture (central TN and KY and southern IN and IL).

Application Deadline:    April 19, 2019



 American Bird Conservancy (ABC), an international bird conservation organization, is seeking to employ a Conservation Delivery Coordinator for the Central Hardwoods Joint Venture (CHJV). This is a full-time position with ABC. The CHJV Conservation Delivery Coordinator works for the CHJV partnership, which consists of state, federal, and NGO conservation agencies and organizations that have assumed responsibility for the implementation of national and international bird conservation plans within the Central Hardwoods Bird Conservation Region (CHBCR; see The Conservation Delivery Coordinator will work collaboratively with the CHJV’s partners to develop and implement conservation projects that provide high-quality habitat for bird species of conservation concern across the region.


This position requires an understanding of the CHJV’s and ABC’s mission, and a basic knowledge of Joint Venture structure and function (see and   Duties will include working closely with land managers and program administrators, so knowledge and experience with land management and implementing conservation practices is essential. There is extensive contact with others within and outside the organization and partnership, in person, by telephone, and through e-mail and other correspondence.  The candidate must be able to actively participate in and, at times, organize and lead groups of people from a variety of state and federal agencies and non-governmental organizations.

The work requires initiative, flexibility, and attention to detail. It is essential that the staff member in this position is able to prioritize tasks and work in a team environment. The position reports to the CHJV Coordinator.


Primary Duties:

 1.      Work with the CHJV Coordinator and Science Coordinator to integrate science-based conservation recommendations into management guidelines and tools designed for on-the-ground practitioners and transfer of this information to managers and other practioners through education and outreach (e.g., workshops, presentations, etc.).  

2.      Work with CHJV staff and partners to implement the JV’s conservation goals for priority birds within the CHBCR. This includes working in partnership with federal, state, and private organizations to provide conservation delivery across a range of ownerships, both private and public, via restoration and enhancement of forest, woodland and grassland habitats that support regionally, nationally, and internationally important bird species. This staffer will coordinate efforts across the JV and assist partners with setting objectives, implementing strategies, and assessing the effectiveness of management actions.

3.      Participate in meetings, conferences and committee assignments with various agencies and partners to promote CHJV bird conservation goals.   

4.      In collaboration with partners, identify opportunities and/or utilize national and regional programs to fund CHJV conservation efforts.

5.      Develop and foster relationships with partners across the CHJV and communicate with them regularly on objectives, projects and progress. 


Position Requirements:

1.                Bachelor’s degree or higher in forestry, wildlife management, wildlife ecology, or a related field (masters or higher preferred) with at least 5 years of professional experience. An understanding of habitat management, especially the use of prescribed fire for natural community restoration, and a working knowledge of U.S. Department of Agricultural “farm bill” private lands incentive programs are essential.

2.                Knowledge of ecology and natural resource issues of the Central Hardwood Region, especially related to neotropical migrant and resident birds.

3.               An entrepreneurial approach to achieving conservation objectives; ability to create, recognize and act on conservation opportunities and develop innovative solutions to address bird conservation needs.

4.               Desire to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders. Demonstrated networking and communication skills (presentation, inter-personal, reading, writing); project management experience, and organizing and leadership skills.

5.                Results-oriented. Demonstrated ability to accomplish ambitious conservation objectives.

6.                Ability to work and coordinate multiple projects at the same time. Ability to set priorities, work independently, efficiently and accurately, and meet deadlines.

7.                Demonstrated written and oral communication skills and the ability to adapt messages to a diverse audience that includes habitat managers, conservation administrators, academia, and the general public.

8.               Ability and willingness to travel often and sometimes for significant periods of time, including remote locations.

9.             Proficiency with computers and software, especially Microsoft Office products. Working knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and ArcGIS preferred as well.


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